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First steps

The first step to recovery is asking for help. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, our experienced staff is waiting to support you through the beginning of your recovery process. For information, pre-assessment or admissions questions, or to schedule a private on-site tour, call or email today. We are dedicated to guiding you along your path to recovery.

Healing Addiction

Recovery from addiction involves caring for the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Using evidence-based treatment, Serenity Gardens addresses all aspects of addiction to ensure a thorough beginning to your detox and recovery. An individualized treatment program is designed for every client complete with groups, individual counseling, support meetings, exercise, experiential therapies and aftercare planning lead by addiction counselors, therapists and addiction treatment specialists.

How We Help

Working from a holistic, medically informed approach our highly-trained staff will support you in gaining the skills necessary to begin living a life free from addiction. Using a variety of treatment methods, Serenity Gardens will assist you in developing healthy coping skills, tolerating strong feelings and relapse prevention. Our friendly staff is dedicated to creating a secure and compassionate environment in which every client is treated with the highest level of respect, understanding and integrity. With a maximum of four clients, we are able to create a unique experience for each of our clients and provide them with the knowledge and and confidence to discover a life free of drugs and alcohol.

Our mission is to provide individuals with a safe and comfortable place to address their recovery where we provide quality care and well being in an environment that is compassionate and supportive for ongoing healing. Recovery may be a difficult process, and our staff at Serenity Gardens understand that - let us help you through the process. Sometimes it is one day at a time, and sometimes it is one moment at a time - let us help you get through those moments.

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At this time we cannot accept Medicare.

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